Using Customer Forensics™ to help capture and keep more customers and win more deals

In this session, join Dr. Ari Zelmanow, Head of Experience Insights for Twilio's Communication Division, as he shares insights on how to help your business make smarter growth bets using the Customer Forensics™ approach. Through an engaging presentation, you will learn the core principles of the Customer Forensics™ method, including collecting and interrogating evidence like a detective, reporting facts and insights like a primetime news anchor, and building, presenting, and defending business cases like a high-powered trial attorney. Participants will gain practical skills and tools to help make smarter growth bets grounded in customer and buyer data.

By the end of the session, the audience will understand:

  • The SIMPLE investigation method used by customer detectives to rapidly collect evidence and build a case

  • The Topline News reporting method used to distribute customer and buyer insights across the business so that everyone benefits from research

  • The Strategic Advocacy Framework used to build bulletproof business cases grounded in customer and buyer evidence


Ari Zelmanow
Managing Director,
Customer Forensics