EVENT DATE: May 2nd, 2024

Walk Away With Real Solutions & Action Plans

A significant change in how conferences are done
Are you ready to dive deeper?

It's more than just what we talk about.
We provide space and time for:

Real Solutions
Actionable Plans

Address YOUR OWN organization’s CURRENT customer experience management challenges.

  1. Identify the primary customer experience management challenges their organization is facing prior to CXM360.

  2. Build a personal agenda at the Conference designed to address those challenges.

  3. Partner with other conference participants in drafting an action plan to address their CXM challenges using key learning from conference sessions.

Each attendee will be asked to:

Our Story

CXM 360 was created in 2019 as "the CXM Best Practices Symposium" to bring industry people together to share practical ideas and methods in customer experience management.

CXM 360 is known for its case studies and practical solutions to everyday CX issues.

A large portion of our proud team includes practitioners from UX, patient experience, and customer success fields.

6 Primary Competencies
Of Customer Experience Management

As of this year, CXM 360 will focus on

Providing participants with the most comprehensive understanding of customer experience management.


Housed in the Broad College of Business at Michigan State University and founded in 2018, CXM@MSU is dedicated to advancing the field of customer experience management (CXM).

CXM Best Practices Symposium (now known as CXM 360)

Public and custom workshops

Collaboration with industry on course-based projects

The program features industry faculty and a dynamic, team-based learning model.

Enables students to learn from one another, not just their instructors.

Advancing The CXM Field Initiatives:

Founder of North America's first master's degree in customer experience management

The Master of Science in Customer Experience Management (MS-CXM).

Designed For Working Professionals

The degree is delivered 100% online over 20 months
(15 - 5 week courses)