Surprisingly Easy: Using AI to Help Organizations Close the Loop

Join Carlos Lopez-Mora, Customer Experience Design and Execution Strategist at UPS, in a discussion about the optimal approach to customer experience: to delight or to simplify? That is the question. During our conversation, we’ll delve into Prompt Engineering and explore recent artificial intelligence capabilities for reading, processing, and categorizing feedback through simple prompts. We look forward to gaining a deeper understanding of our customers and acquiring actionable insights that enable us to focus our efforts more precisely and effectively close the loop.

By the end of the session, attendees will gain insights into:

  • Reflecting on the ultimate goal for their organization: whether to “Wow” customers or to create seamless experiences.

  • Acquiring practical skills to start leveraging AI capabilities, now accessible to everyone, in the context of Customer Experience (CX).

  • Applying learned knowledge to help enhance the close-the-loop process.


Carlos Lopez-Mora
Customer Experience Design and Execution Strategist,