Aaron Ahuvia

Czarnecki Endowed Collegiate Professor of Marketing - University of Michigan-Dearborn

Dr. Aaron Ahuvia is the Czarnecki Professor of Marketing at the University of Michigan-Dearborn, the world’s leading expert on brand love, and the winner of the Stetik Group Brand Relationship Award, for research with the greatest impact on marketing practice. His popular book, The Things We Love, has been named by Amazon as a “best business book.” A Stanford University study ranked him in the top 2% of all scientists worldwide. He has been on the Oprah Winfrey Show and consulted for Google, Amazon, L'Oréal, Samsung, Maybelline, Procter & Gamble, Audi, General Motors, Microsoft, Ford, GfK Market Research, and others.

Speaker 2024

Building Brand Love Through CXM