The Power of a SWOT Analysis Workshop

Many are familiar with SWOT analysis (identifying and evaluating (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats). This presentation presents insights on transitioning the SWOT analysis experience to a workshop format (i.e., channelling the power of a SWOT analysis in the form of a workshop). This effort can seize the opportunity of collaborating with stakeholders to optimize the customer and user experience.

By the end of this session, the audience will:

  • Learn about (or become reintroduced to) SWOT analysis and its benefits

  • Become accustomed with how a SWOT analysis can help optimize design efforts

  • Develop strategies on how to present a SWOT analysis as a workshop-based exercise

  • Review the hidden benefits of relationship building and management via SWOT analysis workshops


Darren Hood
UX Leader,
Kaizen UX Consulting & Education