Why Choose Customer Obsession

Customer Obsession is the secret sauce that has fueled the success of some of the world’s most beloved and successful brands, including Amazon.com, Apple, Chewy, Costco, Ritz, Trader Joe’s, and Zappos. This keynote will demonstrate why companies should adopt Customer Obsession as a key pillar of their business strategy as they see how Customer Obsession transforms customers from casual consumers into rabid fans who promote a brand spontaneously and incessantly.

Speaker: Marbue Brown

Founder - The Customer Obsession Advantage

Marbue Brown is the author of the book Blueprint for Customer Obsession and founder of The Customer Obsession Advantage (customerobsession.net), a firm dedicated to helping companies achieve extraordinary business results through Customer Obsession. He is an accomplished customer experience (CX) executive with a track record of thought leadership and signature business results at some of the most iconic companies on the planet, including JP Morgan Chase, Amazon.com, Microsoft Corporation, and Cisco Systems.