Reimagining CXM Value and ROI

Measuring and articulating the ROI and Value of customer experience management are persistent issues for CXM professionals

In this master class session, join Wayne Simmons, a CXM Professor of Practice at Michigan State University and Global Customer Experience Management Lead at Pfizer as he presents how CXM leaders can "flip the script" on the ROI question by providing a more holistic growth/risk view of customer experience value. This session introduces how a new framework built around both the value generated from retained customers on the upside, and the potential loss of value from customer churn on the downside are the keys to unlocking stakeholder action and urgency.

By the end of the session, the audience will understand:

  • The case for change for considering a new approach to measure and communicate CXM ROI and Value

  • A framework for how the earned growth rate (EGR) metric and the customer value-at-risk (CVaR) metric can work together

  • How to communicate CXM ROI and Value in ways that resonate with Boards of Directors, CEOs, and CFOs

Speaker: Wayne Simmons

Global Customer Experience Management (CXM) Lead - Pfizer

Wayne Simmons is a growth-focused leader, specializing in building winning brands through world-class customer experiences. Currently, as the Global Customer Experience Management (CXM) Lead for Pfizer, Wayne is responsible for building and deploying customer experience measurement and capabilities across the enterprise. Previously as a former Inc. 500-awarded founder and CEO, Wayne has over 20 years of experience working across the spectrum of CXM in corporate, start-up, and private equity environments. Wayne is a Professor of Practice in Customer Experience Strategy for the faculty of the CXM Master’s Program at Michigan State University, a Certified Customer Experience Professional, and a board member of the Customer Experience Professionals Association.

Masterclass: Hands-On Application