It's wise to know the 'why's': Driving data with experience vision

Data's everywhere these days - it's practically dripping from the walls. So many companies are embarking on data transformation efforts that tend to be driven by technical teams working to 'clean up' the data. But having clear vision on what to actually do with the data is a critical and often overlooked predecessor to success.In this session, we'll talk about how starting with an aspirational vision of the intended experience, articulating clear outcome-based use cases, and leveraging strong cross-functional collaboration can help drive focus and success of data transformation initiatives.

Speaker: Brandon Cagnon

VP Customer Experience, American Modern Insurance Group

As Head of CX, Brandon’s role is to lead the efforts to build human-centricity at American Modern, ensuring the creation of experiences that meet and exceed customer and distribution partner needs while equipping American Modern to live-out its purpose of helping everyday Americans live one-of-a-kind lives. He has a diverse background in multiple industries and in numerous functions. He became a full-time CX professional in 2012 and led CX efforts at Bosch Automotive Service Solutions and Moen before joining American Modern in 2019. He is a CCXP, and certified in Agile Leadership, NPS, and Lean.