Customer Focus: Applying Human Centered Design in Fintech

Ally Financial will showcase how they applied CX qualitative methods, journey mapping, and empathy-focused design to drive decisions to their deposit account opening and funding customer journey. The presentation will focus on the importance of approaching a project from the customer’s perspective via an end-to-end experience. They will share how the customer focus identifies and influences requirements, roadblocks, touchpoints, opportunities, pain points, moments of delight, content, and design.

By the end of the session, the audience will understand:

  • The importance of including the customer in every step in the UX design and development process

  • Using data and behavioral observations to drive conversations with business and technology partners

  • How innovation can be both incremental, disruptive, and explosive

Speaker: Tony Stewart

Executive Director - UX Design, Content Strategy, and CX Research - Ally Financial

User Experience professional with over 20 years researching and designing exceptional experiences. Tony is passionate about producing innovative solutions that exceed end-user expectations and meet business objectives, and has extensive experience in all phases of user-centered design, innovation, and research.