The 8 Disciplines of Customer Culture that Drive Business Performance

Do you know how customer-centric your organization's culture is? Do you have tangible evidence that tells you where you are that everyone understands and will act on? Research has identified 8 practice disciplines, used by the world's most customer-centric organizations, that drive customer retention, revenue and profit growth, innovation, and new product success. This session tells you: - how the 8 disciplines drive business performance - how to measure your level of customer-centric culture - what actions you can take to strengthen it using employee feedback - a case study illustrating what one organization did and how it profited - where to start in strengthening your customer culture

Speaker: Dr Linden Brown

Chairman -MarketCulture

Linden Brown is Chairman and co-founder of MarketCulture. He has published 16 books in the field of marketing, strategy and leadership. His most recent, The Customer Culture Imperative, details his team's research in customer-centric culture and creation of a proven tool that measures and benchmarks an organization's customer culture against a worldwide database. Linden has led consulting and corporate education programs in the US, Europe and Australia and has held Visiting Professor roles at INSEAD (France), Cranfield University (England) and the Australian Graduate School of Management. He has extensive experience in many industries including telecommunications, energy, banking, finance, insurance, and transport.