Solving for One to Help Many: Interdisciplinary Strategies to Multiply Your Impact

Small findings can lead to big breakthroughs. They often hold the key to deepening inclusion. And they are often hiding in plain sight. The idea of panning for gold in unstructured, observed, or behavioral data isn’t new, but once found how do you turn nuggets into gold bars? This talk will cover case study examples that illustrate: -The mindset shift required to capitalize on “small findings” from “small samples” -How to operationalize what you uncover -Strategies for building a cross-functional coalition to increase your reach You will walk away with a new appreciation of the power of one, and new tools in your tool kit to facilitate needs-driven change within your organization and for your clients.

Speaker: Tricia Houston

Founder - MMR LIVE Experience Design

Tricia Houston is travel-worn experiential marketer, classically trained market researcher, and challenger of the status-quo. She founded MMR LIVE Experience Design to help organizations create experiences worth repeating. Under Tricia's leadership, the team at MMR LIVE helps organizations imagine new solutions, improve current ones, and implement programs to close experience gaps (B2B & B2C). This next-gen approach is transforming innovation and organizational change to create ExperienceBuilt businesses.