A Journey Into the Mind of the Customer

In this masterclass session join Risa Lovell, award winning CX leader, as she guides you through a journey into the mind of the customer. Through case studies, reflection activities, and collaboration, participants will learn how to drive brand loyalty through purposefully designed experiences. Participants will gain practical skills to assess how to evoke desirable emotions in their customers which will create a lasting emotional connection.

By the end of this session, the audience will understand:

  • The relationship between emotional connection and loyalty

  • Delivering on your brand promise utilizing emotional evocation

  • How to see your business from the customer's perspective

Speaker: Risa Lovell

Experience Engineering, Inc.

Risa Lovell is an award-winning CX leader recognized for innovation, strategy and execution. She is a graduate student in the inaugural Customer Experience Management Master’s Degree program at Michigan State University and new team member to Experience Engineering, Inc. Her goal is to contribute to the advancement of the Customer Experience Management discipline through thought leadership and advanced understanding of consumer behavior. In her personal time Risa enjoys camping and traveling with her family, cooking, baking, playing guitar and watersports.