Using AI Tools for NPS Drivers Analysis: Improving the experience for pet-parents

Rachel Dreyfus, President of Dreyfus Advisors will share a case study of lifting Key Performance Indicator (in this case, NPS) through analysis of NPS study data from a nationwide chain of veterinarian hospitals. As early adoptors of AI modeling of unstructured natural language data, we identified the strongest drivers of its “pet-parent” experience to prioritize resources and train front line workers. Hear how we approached the challenge and the actions over the past 4 years that led to a rise in NPS of more than 10 points.

By the end of the session, the audience will understand:

  • The art and science of using AI tools in market research

  • The holy grail of quantifying revenue impact of raising NPS scores

  • Getting the most value from market research studies

Speaker: Rachel Dreyfus

President - Dreyfus Advisor

Accenture-trained market research executive with career history of leveraging insights resulting in opening up new target markets, capitalizing on new customer segments and revenue growth. Focused on guiding development of pandemic response, customer experience innovations and preparing brands for a more sustainable & equitable world. Specializing in Fortune 500 brands experiencing digital disruption in service-intensive companies. Trusted business partner to executive teams across Product Management, Customer Care, Sales Channels and Marketing Communications. Recognized thought leader in media, entertainment and telecommunications. Entrepreneur passionate about designing custom market research roadmaps for growth and a more equitable environment.