Mapping a New Frontier: Taming the Wild West of CXJMs

The last two years have seen such massive disruption that most journey maps reflect a reality that is almost unrecognizable. There’s never been a greater need for understanding and innovating the customer experience. However, with wildly different definitions and approaches to journey mapping, the industry has created a wild west for CX. As we all explore this new frontier, this session will present a showcase of journey maps, examine the fragmented CXJM lexicon and explore methods for effective and actionable journey mapping.

Speaker: Kari Shimmel

Chief Strategy Officer, Campbell Eward

With a dual background in creative and planning, and specialties in digital and CRM, Kari brings over 20 years of advertising experience. Moving seamlessly between disciplines, she’s the driving force and architect behind Campbell Ewald’s experience consulting practice, CE/CX. Over her career, she has worked with Harley-Davidson, Cadillac, Mutual of Omaha, Travelocity, Disney, OnStar, Dole, GotMilk?, ASICS, Wayfair and more. Kari also serves on the 4A’s CX Council as an executive committee member and is co-chair of the CX + Brand Committee. She received an MA from Savannah College of Art and Design in Interactive Design and Game Development.