Creating Emotion Bonds Between Brands & Consumers

Any decision to buy, use or even to consider a product (analogue or digital) is primarily done in the emotional context. We then try to rationalize it to build an argument for ownership around it.   You know you must strategically position to differentiate your product/brand in the commodity marketplace. And one of the best bets is to meaningfully discover and identify the emotional bonds in that ecosystem, both the pain and pleasure zones, that resonate with your target users and utilize them to further add fun, enjoyment and excitement to that user experience.   Join this session to better understand and take away the top 10 elements that you can do to frame your strategic innovation pathway, right from the get-go to create a family of products which will not only just attract your users and retain their attention but organically grow the brand affection for the sustainable success of your business.

Speaker: Jeevak Badve

Director of Innovation Strategy & Business Growth at Huemen / Design by Harman

Jeevak / FIDSA brings energy, passion and curiosity to his role as Director of Innovation Strategy at Huemen, an award-winning, full service, multi-disciplinary global design & brand agency. His sole purpose is to create and deliver holistic brand experiences through intuitive, immersive, meaningful, and beautiful unified design solutions for his clients who deeply value the end user experiences, giving them a competitive advantage in the marketplace. For more than 20 years he is artfully blending Business & Design thinking to sustainable grow business while ultimately helping to better the human condition on this globe. He earned his Master’s in Product Design from IIT-Bombay & his EMBA from Michigan State University. He loves bird photography, kickboxing and obstacle course running.