On Good Terms: Asking the Most Inclusive Race and Ethnicity Demographic Questions

The Insights Association IDEA Council has groundbreaking research to share on how to ask demographic questions on race and ethnicity in a more inclusive and sensitive way. This research assesses 10 different race and ethnicity identity question formats that are currently used in marketing research studies, customer satisfaction surveys, and more. In this presentation, we will share recommendations on industry standards for inclusive question formats that survey participants feel accurately reflect their identity, as well as how and when to use these questions in sample design.

Speaker: Frankie Lipinski

Insights Analyst - Escalent/Insights Association's IDEA Council

Frankie Lipinski graduated from the Master of Science in Marketing Research program in December 2020 and got a dual-degree in Marketing and Psychology in May 2019 all from MSU. She is the project manager and one of many analysts for the IDEA Council Demographics Research and an Insights Analyst at Escalent, a full-service research consultancy that helps translate human behavior into ideas that change the world. Frankie's passions center around access & empowerment, inclusive design, and awareness building as it relates to societal wellness, and these are the vehicles that drive her research career forward.