Operationalizing Consumer Centric Culture at CVS Health

Learn how CVS is activating the entire organization to create more personalized, meaningful interactions with customers.

Every company wants to be consumer-centric, but it’s easier said than done. Customer experience is not a single team’s role but requires the activation of your company’s culture to place the consumer in the center. In this session, Srikant Narasimhan, Vice President of Enterprise Customer Experience at CVS Health will share how operationalizing consumer data in a consistent way is driving a culture shift at one of the largest, most complex organizations in the world. He will share the core pillars of CVS Health’s transformation:

  • Unifying a disparate organization by advancing common capabilities to enable measurement and consistent tracking.

  • Driving action at the front line to ensure every consumer and colleague feels valued, heard, and create consistent experiences.

  • Creating experience differentiation through consumer data and unlocking value of common CX goals.

  • Empowering colleagues to drive a culture of consumer centricity

    In the face of today’s economic uncertainty, CVS Health is making customers come first consistently ensuring personalized, meaningful interactions

Keynote Speaker: Srikant Narasimhan

VP Enterprise Customer Experience - CVS Health

Sri Narasimhan is the VP of Enterprise Customer Experience at CVS Health, where he leads efforts to drive meaningful organizational changes based on customer, client, and patient feedback. He is a passionate advocate for consumers and is dedicated to creating a consumer-centric culture at CVS Health. He leads teams focused on delivering collecting timely feedback from consumers, delivering actionable insights, and managing cultural change across the organization. Prior to CVS Health, Sri was the Head of Customer Experience for Branch Banking at Wells Fargo and was the Head of Analytic Consulting at Medallia. Earlier in his career he graduated from the GE Executive Leadership Program and worked as an economist at FTI and Navigant Consulting. Sri holds a BA from the University of Chicago, an MA in Economics from Boston University and an MBA from the University of Michigan. He currently is based in Chicago, IL with his wife Kimberly, daughter Ellora, son Devan, and mini-golden doodle Iverson. He is an avid sports fan, specifically the Pittsburgh Steelers, Penguins and Pirates.

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