The Rider and the Elephant

Ever tried to move an elephant? Ever thought about what really, truly moves all of us to act in a meaningful way?

Customer Experience 'transformation programs' fail because we believe rational communication and behavior are all we need to create change. When we take a closer look and examine the 'elephant in the room' we will soon see that we need to use different techniques to make things better for our customers.

Leave this session with:

  • A better understanding of the brain.

  • A checklist of 5 things you must do to influence the behavior of others.

  • Some new expressions you can use to change the conversation with your peers about change.

Keynote Speaker: Sandra Thompson

Director - EI Evolution

Sandra Thompson is the first Goleman Emotional Intelligence (EI) coach in the UK. She’s an independent customer and employee experience consultant who has blended EI into her work which has created meaningful and sustained improvements for clients.
Sandra started her career in marketing. She has a Masters degree in Strategic Communications. She’s a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing. Sandra runs the only Customer Experience and Emotional Intelligence online course and often creates resources for clients across the globe.
TEDx speaker, a contributing author, trainer and facilitator, Sandra enjoys learning and looks forward to connecting and learning from you.

Keynote Presentation