Afternoon Keynote: Exploring The New Equation: CX+HCD+AI

Join Kevin Budelmann, President of Peopledesign and Professor of Practice in the CX Management program at Michigan State University, as he explores the implications of Artificial Intelligence on Human-centered Design for Customer Experience Management. In this session, attendees will be exposed to HCD and CX frameworks and consider AI's impact on these processes and possible future trajectories. Participants will learn practical ways to frame AI inputs and use them in their organization.

By the end of this session, the audience will understand:

  • Ways AI will affect the HCD and CXM

  • How we can both predict and not predict what may happen

  • Possibilities for innovation using AI

Speaker: Kevin Budelmann

President - Peopledesign

Kevin Budelmann is president and co-founder of Peopledesign, a professional services firm focused on strategy, brand marketing, and customer experience. In addition to serving as a client advisor, Kevin is an adjunct professor at Northwestern and MSU and the former global president of IxDA. He holds degrees from Carnegie Mellon and the IIT Institute of Design. Kevin's book, "Brand Identity Essentials," is available in six languages and a second edition.

Keynote Presentation