Hiding in Plain Sight: The CX of Innovation Research Sessions

Customer-centric innovation is smart business; activities like testing prototypes with customers, and brainstorming together in workshops, ensure that the products we launch make sense for the people who will use them. However, there’s another reason why it’s smart business, hiding in plain sight: these activities show customers that we’re walking the walk—not just talking the talk—with respect to customer-centric innovation. These interactions are customer experiences. Whether we design them or not, these touchpoints are impacting how people feel about your brand. Wouldn’t you rather be in the driver’s seat? This is the story of how a B2B organization has taken the wheel.

Speaker: Nicole Strong

Manager of Customer Insight and Ideation - IPEX Inc.

Nicole Strong is a consumer anthropologist and Certified Foresight Practitioner (CFP) who works in innovation at IPEX, a leading manufacturer of thermoplastic pipes and fittings. Her growing team uses design research, ideation and strategic foresight to help IPEX decide what to make next and provide customer-centric guidance to prototypes in development. Prior to IPEX, Nicole was a founding member of an insight consulting practice, doing projects for companies that make server hardware, server farms, back-end financial software, ecommerce software, loans, insurance, auto parts, tractors and more. Nicole hold two degrees: Honors BA in Anthropology and Master of Digital Experience Innovation.