Flexing Your Enterprise Data Muscle to Serve the Customer

Does your company use NPS or CSAT as its top-level customer metric? If so, what do you do with the feedback you receive from customers? Do you plot it on a time scale and watch for trends? Do you solicit comments? If so, what do you do with those comments?

This presentation will take you through our journey of soliciting customer feedback - and doing very little with it - to building an enterprise capability that analyzes qualitative feedback at scale and then motivate and drive the organization to act on what you've learned.

Speaker: Steven Carleton

Vice President - Customer Experience, Premera Blue Cross

Steven has been a leader in nearly every business function across a variety of industries. Prior to joining Premera in April 2019, Steven spent 15+ years in Silicon Valley building and leading teams at eBay, Apple, Genentech, and Sun Microsystems. His passion for creating meaningful and memorable experiences is equaled by his commitment to letting the data guide decision-making. Finding the right story in a sea of information while honoring the human side of the business has been key differentiators in his career. Steven is a graduate of the US Coast Guard Academy and Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business.