CX Graduate Students' Perspective on the Future of Experience Management

A perspective on the future of experience management sparked by learnings from being enrolled in the MSU advanced degree in Customer Experience.

Speaker: Lou Carbone

CEO and Founder - Experience Engineering, Inc

Lou (Lewis) Carbone was recently appointed to the Marketing Faculty at The Broad College of Business at Michigan State University, teaching in the first Master of Science Degree in Customer Experience Management.

Lou is a globally recognized Pioneer, Keynote Speaker, Expert, Innovator, Influencer, and Thought Leader in Experience Management and Design. Lou originated the concept of Emotional and Unconscious Clue Based Experience Design and Total Experience Management® and a robust proprietary methodology and perspective called Experience Engineering®.

The founder and CEO of Experience Engineering®, Inc., an experience management consulting firm, the very first of its kind three decades ago, based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, working with the customer, employee, patient, and family experience management systems.

He wrote the book “Clued In: How to keep customers coming back, again and again, published by FT Prentice Hall, which won Fast Company’s Reader’s Choice Award.
He co-authored in The Cornell Hospitality Quarterly, cited as the best paper of 2014 by Sage Publications on “Sticktion": Assessing Memory for the Customer Experience.”