CX from a Systems Thinking Perspective

As with any system and especially within organizational systems, there are many functions and moving parts. To the extent that a decision is made in one part of the organization, it can also affect another part of the organization either positively or negatively. Therefore, from an experience design perspective, it’s important to consider the whole organization and not just one aspect as often unintended consequences will result. This topic looks at the organization using a systems lens and how patterns of behavior can be shown and dealt with as an organization readies itself to evolve into a more customer-centric direction.

Speaker: Karl Sharicz

Owner and Principal - HorizonCX

Karl brings over thirty years of skills and experiences gained in high-tech research and manufacturing B2B environments along with proven business acumen. Throughout his career he has served a broad range of roles within marketing, sales, training, and training management—developing internal and external customer relationship skills and building a decided customer-centric focus along the way. As the Founder and CEO of HorizonCX, Karl offers professional services to organizations in two general categories.- basic CX training and cerertification for those individuals and organizations newer to the CX discipline and services to medium sized businesses aiming to advance their customer experience strategy to a next higher level.