Customer Experience Careers in the New Economy

Customer Experience careers have been on a roller coaster since the pandemic, when many CX pros lost their jobs. A hiring flurry in 2021 then led to a late 2022 purge. Shelly Chandler, a consultant and professional working in CX for nearly 20 years, has worked in all major roles in CX, and will help you to navigate the existing job market and learn about future trends.

Speaker: Shelley Chandler

Founder & Principal Strategist Sr. Director - SMC GROUP

Shelly Chandler has worked in Customer Experience since it became a discrete profession in the late 90s. She has worked in very large companies like top 10 banks, automotive services, and hospitality companies, and served as a CX consultant for 10 years supporting the CX programs at major brands across the US and globally.

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