Business Results = Happy Results + Happy Customers

Life is good. Employees love their jobs. Customers love your company. How many CEOs know whether this is true for their companies? You can't act on what you don't know! Happy employees and customers are the foundation to any successful business. How can organizations that struggle with one (or both) of these factors rise to the top and crush business objectives? Better yet, how can organizations with happy customers and employees rise even higher?

Speaker: Mary Poppen

Chief Customer Officer, Glint at LinkedIn 
Mary Poppen is Glint’s Chief Customer Officer at LinkedIn, responsible for driving and scaling the company’s ability to delight its customers. Prior to joining Glint, she was the Chief Customer Officer at SAP. Mary holds a Master’s Degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and has over 20 years of customer success, business consulting, and executive leadership experience. She is a well-recognized customer and employee experience thought leader, speaking at global events and authoring several publications in this space. Further, she has published research and speaks frequently on the topics of performance and process improvement. In addition to her current role, Mary enjoys serving as a Board Advisor and executive coach and has a passion for giving back through female mentorship programs.