Analytics and Process Engineering...The Other CX Shoe to Drop

You've collected your VoC data. Now what? You've got to analyze it, turn it into insights, turn those insights into prioritized initiatives, turn those initiatives into a roadmap, and finally... execute the roadmap. CX isn't just surveys...It's a continual process of improvement in how you do business, ever bringing you closer to Brand Promise Alignment

Speaker: Nicholas Zeisler

Fractional Chief Customer Officer - Zeisler Consulting, LLC

Nicholas "Z" Zeisler is a Customer Experience executive, a Lieutenant Colonel and professor at the US Air Force Academy, a Fractional Chief Customer Officer, independent CX consultant and strategist, author, keynote speaker, and an inaugural member of the faculty for the new Master’s in Customer Experience Management program at the Broad College of Business. He hails from Denver, Colorado where he and his partner enjoy baseball in the summer and skiing in the winter.
Bill is professionally happiest when he is in front of customers, learning from them, and innovating around their needs ― incrementally & exponentially.