Increasing Member Experience Engagment

In this imaginative presentation, Ashleigh Ashbrook, VP of Digital Service Experience at MSU Federal Credit Union, shares details on the importance of engaging member feedback to drive the strategic vision and success of the organization. Participants will learn a step-by-step process on best practices to build a member base ready to walk side-by-side with the organization’s ever-changing landscape. Through examples, participants will gain insight into process, procedure, and structure to make working with change easier.

By the end of the session, the audience will understand:

  • The importance of actively soliciting and listening to member feedback

  • The key metrics for the success of onboarding internal teams and engaging members

  • Practical skills for managing a changing environment

Speaker: Ashleigh Ashbrook

VP of Digital Service Experience - MSUFCU

Ashleigh Ashbrook serves as the Vice President of Digital Service Experience overseeing three unique segments of digital member service. Ashbrook directs a team of more than 120 individuals in the day-to-day and long-term creation of lasting digital member experiences. After serving the MSUFCU member community for more than 16 years, Ashbrook merges her unique knowledge of digital service channels and the member journey to create simple, impactful experiences for all.