Cultivating Innovation: Strategies for Organizational Success

Join Aaron Jason, Assistant Manager of Strategy & Innovation at General Motors, for an illuminating session on the pivotal role of cultivating an innovative culture for driving organizational success. Through thought-provoking assessments and real-world case studies, participants will delve into the tangible benefits of fostering a culture of innovation. Gain invaluable insights into practical strategies and industry best practices that will stimulate the development of a thriving culture of innovation.

By the end of the session, the audience will understand:

  • The importance of a culture of innovation
    - The significance of fostering innovation within your organization, including how it impacts growth, employee engagement, and adaptability.

  • Overcoming Barriers
    - Learn about common barriers that hinder innovation and ways to overcome them, whether they're related to hierarchy, risk aversion, or a lack of resources.

  • Awareness of Strategies
    - Gain insights into various strategies, approaches, and best practices for creating an environment that nurtures innovation.

Speaker: Aaron Jason

Strategy & Innovation Assistance Manager - General Motors

I specialize in strategic thinking, consultation, and design thinking. Storytelling, empathy, and leading others are at the heart of what I do, while inclusion and collaboration are at the forefront.

I develop innovative ways to promote and create diverse, collaborative, inclusive systems that support workforce teams and our communities. Aligning both business strategy and culture to drive business unit results, employee engagement, and innovation.

Passionate about teaching others design thinking principles and working on discovering challenges worth solving.