A Seat at the Table: Ensuring Your Customer Is Represented

One of my favorite things to talk on is ensuring that the customer has a seat in the boardroom. All too often customers, the people who matter most, are left out of the conversations that shape how we do business. By creating a truly customer centric listening program, you can gather the voice of the customer and then share that information with the decision makers of the company.

Speaker: Tyler Saxey

Sr. Director Global VOC and OMNI - Foot Locker

Tyler has been in the CX space, both from a practitioner and Direct, for over 10 years. As a practitioner, Tyler advised some of the largest Retail and Hospitality companies globally. At Foot Locker, he is responsible for designing and implementing the full VOC program and ensuring that Foot Locker customers are represented at all levels of the organization. Tyler lives in Florida with his wife Melissa and 4 amazing kids.