8 Best Practices for Creating Compelling Experiences

How can a company best create a compelling customer experience? Based on the author’s research involving thousands of companies and analyses of millions of customer data points from the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI), the eight areas that companies need to focus on are: Orchestrating the marketing ecosystem, aligning company and customer needs, delivering amazing customer convenience, reinforcing digital marketing, adjusting customer incentives, cultivating customer evangelists, handling customer complaints, and managing product returns.

Speaker: G. Tomas Hult, PhD

Professor - Michigan State University

G. Tomas M. Hult, Ph.D., is a worldwide thought leader in international marketing, marketing strategy, customer satisfaction, supply chain management, and international business. He regularly speaks at high-profile events (e.g., United Nations, World Investment Forum, European Commission), provides corporate keynotes, and publishes influential op-ed articles (e.g., Time, Fortune, Harvard Business Review, World Economic Forum).

His latest book is The Reign of the Customer: Customer-Centric Approaches to Improving Satisfaction, which was coauthored with Claes Fornell, Forrest Morgeson, and David VanAmburg. Leveraging ACSI's billions of annual media impressions, The Reign of the Customer is complemented by multiple versions of executive training programs by the ACSI team (ACSIx) that focuses on ACSI Analytics.